Mar 21 2021


Twitter created for my Google search result.I'll post  sometime🤗 Tweets by EroticAnni [more...]
After long and stressful day, nothing could be better to be embraced by lovely and passionate lady with warm delicate hands and smooth body. I invite you to step away from everyday life and enter secret space with me. Through conscious loving touch and connection, I will take you on a [more...]
I am actually don't know why I call the blog "Anti-crisis program".     Today I found on the Internet that the currency exchange becomes very much changed. And I still keep in the site only prices in USD.    Which can confuse my dear repeat friends.   So, I have to say that my expected fee [more...]
Welcome to the page of my site, to my blog, my little corner. I like Moscow. When I have a long absence, returning, I always feel  very warm feelings to this city. I wish you the same :). Departing from the topic, my presence I mark on the city tour page. In Moscow, [more...]