Welcome to the page of my site, to my blog, my little corner.I like Moscow. When I have a long absence, returning, I always feel  very warm feelings to this city. I wish you the same :). Departing from the topic, my presence I mark on the city tour page.In Moscow, [more...]
From time to time, I have been asked about visiting an airport hotel for an erotic massage session. This blog post will address this question. If you have never been to Moscow, it's important to note that all airports are located outside the city. Going to the airport is like going to a different city, which takes time and the taxi fare will be different. There are three main airports in Moscow: Sheremetyevo (SVO), Domodedovo (DOM), and Vnukovo (VNK). These airports have nearby hotels that offer comfortable accommodations. Some examples include Cosmos Celection (ex.Radisson Blu) [more...]
Mar 21 2021


Twitter created for my Google search result.I'll post  sometimeūü§ó Tweets by EroticAnni [more...]
After long and stressful day, nothing could be better to be embraced by lovely and passionate lady with warm delicate hands and smooth body. I invite you to step away from everyday life and enter secret space with me. Through conscious loving touch and connection, I will take you on a [more...]
I am actually don't know why I call the blog "Anti-crisis program".¬†¬†Today I found on the Internet that the currency exchange becomes very much changed. And I still keep in the site only prices in USD.¬† Which can confuse my dear repeat friends.¬†So, I have to say that my expected fee [more...]