Jan 10 2017


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I like Moscow. When I have a long absence, returning, I always feel  very warm feelings to this city. I wish you the same :). Departing from the topic, my presence I mark on the city tour page.

In Moscow, 3 Airports: Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo. All are removed from the center. By the way, there are a cozy hotels where I can visit you( mostly at SVO).

Sometimes order to not to get stuck in a traffic jam, use the Aeroexpress train or just easy take taxy (for exp.Gett or Uber)

         In Moscow, in my opinion, not so many tourist spots as St. Petersburg, but they have their own charm. Well, of course, the famous Red Square, museums and architectural ensembles. Being in Moscow without seeing the Kremlin is impossible to imagine. A walk around the walls of this ancient fortification is probably one of the most popular tours offering a chance to hear interesting stories, to enjoy stunning views and feel Russian culture.

Is such of long story, I afraid it can takes not one page.)


The Kremlin. This museum complex includes ancient cathedrals, the Patriarch's Chambers and the State Armoury. The Ivan Great Bell Tower is also open for visiting.

The Pushkin Museum of fine arts. The museum was founded by Moscow University professor I.V. Tsvetaev. In Soviet times, it was replenished with masterpieces of world paintings. 

The state Tretyakov gallery this art gallery was handed over as a gift to Moscowby patron P.M. Tretyakov at the end the 19th century. Today, it is one the largest collections of Russian artwork in the world. 

 The state darwin museum this is one of the most unusual and curious of the capital's natural science museums. 

Memorial museum of astronautics Exposition is devoted to the  history of the Russian astronautics and includes the base block of the Mir space station.


       Being in Russia and not try Russian cuisine is impossible! Try it! What is considered a traditional Russian cuisine is not possible to say for sure, it's probably pickles, pirozhki, pelmeni, shchi, kissel, pancakes ( with caviar),fresh-soup uha, vodka and samagon,  and small cake rum baba.

     Shopping, ah shopping, I will not advise, certainly it is steeper in Europe. I like GUM on Red Square. It's cute.

Do not forget to buy a matrioshka, the Traditional Russian souvenir.


This is not all museums, sights and fun, oh yes I forgot to mention the the Bolshoi Theater, where tickets must be taken in advance and on the Diamond Fund of Russia. I have never been there.


Have  fun!

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